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This course give you the opportunity to develop the understanding and knowledge of dealing with air travel. It is intended for you to gain knowledge to make air travel reservations for Economy, Business & First Class Passengers offering the right fare to worldwide destinations. From point to point routings for Economy class passengers to arranging Business travellers airfares and their itineraries stopping at various destinations for a number of nights. In some cases, passengers enquiring for round the Round The World (RTW) tickets to visit a host of destinations from Africa, Europe, Middle East to South East Asia, Australasia or even adding North America, the routes are endless.

This is why well-established and prestigious airlines will ask you to be competent in booking simple return fares to complex air travel itineraries around the world. If you are looking for a career that is sustainable and would like to work for some of the most long standing airlines, tour operators companies, Airline Fares & Ticketing is the course for you. You will learner how to search, find and select the correct fare for different passenger scenarios, familiarise with airline geography, discover airport city codes for numerous destinations around the world, the baggage allowance systems available to passengers and much more.

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