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This best practice and networking training event focuses on all ground handling functions, from marshalling to pushback; from check-in to de-icing. It covers all operational aspects to perform quick turnarounds and minimize delays.

This is an essential training to gain practical insights into station control, efficiency and safety of all ground operations. The aim is to get latest updates on how to improve the On-Time Performance as well as Ramp Management and Passenger and Cargo Terminals.

The best practice training will increase the efficiency of stations as an airline or service provider; help build sustainable relationship between the airline and handler management; manage all ground handling services according to the Airport Handling Manual (AHM).

Ground Handling Safety event is designed especially for airport, airlines, tourism authorities, CAAs and EDAs primarily in those positions: Airside Compliance Manager, Airports’ GSPs, General Managers, Chief Operations Officers, Operations Managers, Head of Airside Operations, Emergency & Security Staff, Airside Safety Directors, Heads of Security and Terminal Operations, Aviation Security Terminal Managers, Head of Airport Development, Airport Contingency Planner, Airfield Operations Director and Airport Duty Managers.

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