Infant Aviator Cadet Program

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Why Aviation for Kids? Our initial purpose is to motivate children to learn science through aviation technology .In time, we realized that what is most important is to find a platform on which you can relate with your kids, help them to find their passion and encourage them to rich their full potential .In our case it was AVIATION that helped us accomplish this but you can use anything else that you might be passionate about. IACP is a life journey. Parents shouldn’t think that your kids will necessarily become pilots, or that they will work in other aviation related fields. Aviation is such a vast enterprise that it can connect so many diverse activities. It is a perfect platform to expose your children to many different activities. They will choose what they like most. The content of IACP can be used in different ways. Parents and teachers can get some ideas for easy and fun science projects based on aviation technology. You will find here short descriptions of different notions and theories as well as links to other resources.

• To be a full member of IACP you should pay your monthly subscriptions for three consecutive months for club membership maturity.
• All parents shall pay a compulsory RTG$20 registration fee and insurance fee is part of this payment for each child to be enrolled into the program and a compulsory program subscription fee of RTG$10 per month.
• Deadline for monthly subscriptions payments is the 5th of every month.
• Subscriptions are payable via Bank ,Eco-cash and in cash.
• Children from 4-9 years are required to bring their parent(s)/guardian ,it is optional from 10-15 years on any activity conducted during the IACP .
• Uniform is compulsory but a T-shirt and a cap is a requirement for both parent(s) and child.
• Members should purchase at least one of our equipments(RC drones ,RC aircraft ,DIY paper-planes) for IACP programs and competitions.
• All registered members will be issued with identity cards
• Members should bring their Identity Cards to any event.
• Trip forms are issued to the parent/guardian of the child.
• Aviation trips are announced three months prior.
• Non-members who wish to attend any of our events are required to pay an instant fee upon entrance.
• Parents are automatically enrolled as members as they register their children.
• Insurance fee covers medical emergencies only.
• The parents shall complete an indemnity form before any activities.
• All trips and main programs will be conducted during the holidays .
• Every parent shall receive a program calendar and their selected Aviation equipment kit.
• Upon the child’s 16th birthday Zimbabwe Flight Centre Academy shall naturally enroll the child for the professional aviation course of their choice on a discount basis since they are IACP members.

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